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Cancer survivorship

Anyone living with a history of cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life, is a cancer survivor, according to the National Cancer Survivor’s Day (NCSD) Foundation.

More than 11 million Americans are now living with a diagnosis of cancer, according to American Cancer Society. In the United States,

  • Almost half of all men
  • One third of all women

are expected to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.

Learning about this disease is crucial because many forms of cancer can be prevented and cured if detected early.

As of the year 2000, according to the American Cancer Society, the number of cancer survivors living with certain cancer diagnosis included:

  • Breast cancer: 2,197,000
  • Prostate cancer: 1,637,000
  • Colon cancer: >1,000,000
  • Lung cancer: > 340,000

Major advances in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment have resulted in longer survival, and therefore, a growing number of cancer survivors. However, a cancer diagnosis can leave a host of problems in its wake. Physical, financial, and emotional hardships often persist after diagnosis and treatment. Survivors may face many challenges such as hindered access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, inadequate insurance, financial hardships, employment problems, and psychological struggles.

It is our hope that the information here will provide you with hope and help with whatever situation you may be experiencing, during or after your cancer treatment. We also hope the contents here will motivate and inspire you to take control of the factors that can impact the survival and the quality of your life.